OpenAI Key

Botsheets is built with OpenAI APIs and provides you with a certain number of credits with your Botsheets plan. You can optionally switch to using your own OpenAI Key which provides you with unlimited messaging but at an additional cost you pay directly to OpenAI.

Chat Credits

Each Botsheets plan provides you with a certain number of chat credits each month. Chat credits are used up when users send your chatbots messages. The credit amount taken from your account varies dpending on the data source. Credit amounts reset at the start of each billing month.

Lite Plan

Pro Plan


Credits Per Month5002,00010,000

Credits are given to an account and cannot be distributed across chatbots. AI will automatically determine the best data source for your chatbot and the data source will determine how many credits are consumed.

Data Source

Credits Consumed

PDF responses1 credit
Web doc responses1 credit
Data Input1 credit
Google Sheet10 credits

BYO OpenAI Key

You can use your own Open AI Key and bypass the Botsheets credit system entirely. While you won't use up credits included in your Botsheets plan, the benefit is that this gives your chatbot unlimited messaging. You pay OpenAI directly for usage of your own Open AI key and you should monitor costs and usage through the Open AI dashboard. You can get your own OpenAI Key at

Make sure your Open AI account has access to GPT-4 Turbo. This is a requirement for Botsheets to work with your own API Key. If your region or your OpenAI account does not include access to GPT-4+, use the Botsheets Credits and benefit from our key.