Creating Chatbots

There are two types of chatbots you can create. A Discovery Bot is a two-way discovery between a business and an audience. A data analysis bos will be covered later when we open these chatbots into public Beta and are designed for deeper data analysis and actionable insights.

Discovery Bots

Define a goal for your chatbot and your chatbot will work to collect data and help you achieve your goal. Your goal may be simply to answer questions and you'll build a knowledge base with your documentation and spreadsheets, but your chatbot will also ask questions to collect data from a user.

Good examples for your goal:

  • Generate leads for a pool cleaning business, Acme Pool Cleaning.
  • Screen potential candidates for a software developer position at Google.
  • Provide customer support to people who purchased from my Shopify store.

Your goal or purpose is then added to the Base Prompt giving your Chatbot instructions. You can upload PDFs, scrape webpages, manually input key value pairs, and connect Google Sheets. In this example you can see multiple Google Sheets have been connected. Learn more about data sources.

Let AI collect data in a chat session and write the data to a Google Sheet, deliver it via Webhook, or use our API to collect it programmatically.

  • Select from our suggested data points or add your own custom data points.
  • Your chatbot will write the data it collects to a Google Sheet.
  • Your chatbot will be persistent about collecting requiring data.
  • At a minimum, you need 1 data point, so you can select name for personalization.

You can set some basic rules of engagement for your chatbot including a welcome or greeting message. You can also choose a leading question which is a great conversation starter, while allowing you to collect valuable first-party data. Set the tone for your chatbot and the tone will be added to the Base Prompt.

You will give your chatbot a public-facing name and then you can test it out before publishing it. If you need to make changes including the data you want to collect, the data you want to share, or add, or remove any documents you can do that in Bot Settings

The Base Prompt is an advanced mode for chatbot creation. You do not need to edit the Base Prompt to enable a high performance chatbot. Modify it sparingly as the default base prompt has been tested and validated. Here are some reasons you may want to modify the base prompt:

  • You want to use your own custom tone for the conversation
  • You want to set custom rules of engagement, or if/else scenarios using natural language
  • You want to emphasize data points that you want it to colllect or prioritize.

Editing the Base Prompt will have zero impact on your chatbot's behavior:

  • Telling AI to format data collected in a certain way
  • Telling AI specific sheets to query, or querying instructions
  • Telling AI what data source to use in any way
  • Telling AI how to collect data